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Our rights matter

The preamble of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights establishes that, "... every individual and organ of society... shall strive by teaching and education to promote respect for these rights and freedoms". At HRA we are convinced that our human rights matter and therefore, we are committed to raise awareness on them. Our aim is to raise awareness on human rights in a global scale.

HRA Founder

Connie is passionate about awareness raising on human rights. She has experience in human rights, particularly in those of women, children, youth, people with disabilities, older people, indigenous people and civil defenders of human rights. She has worked/volunteered on human rights issues in Mexico, India and England. Academically, she holds a Bachelors in Law from Mexico, a Master in Political Analysis from Spain and an Advanced Master in Development from Belgium.

While living in India, she had the opportunity to follow some projects with women and children in the slums of New Delhi. After that experience, she decided to found Human Rights Awareness with the aim of raising awareness on human rights all over the world.

Connie Fuentes Garrido

Twitter: @ConnieFuentesG